Forget Me Not

By Diane Almeter Jones

"Forget Me Not is an intriguing and moving play by writer Diane Almeter Jones...A beautiful play, well-written and excellently performed.

An incredibly skillful production that did everything it set out to do.”

~ Sally Christmas, edfringereview, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

“The tenderness with which this company brings a series of wartime letters to life is simply beautiful. Forget Me Not is a heartwarmingly honest reflection of human connection and its legacy after death.”

Ellie Harrington, edfringereview, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

“[Forget Me Not] should fit right in at the world's largest performing arts festival. Jones manages to create an atmosphere of silent anticipation, true 'edge of your seat' drama. The only sound I heard was 'wow' as the lights came down...a heartwarming and poignant story where family is the real central character. It deals with themes that are important to today's world, including pain you can't always see or even name”

Nathan Miller, Buffalo Theatre Guide, Buffalo, NY

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We are busy working behind the scenes to continue to tell June and Diane's story.

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