About the Author

Diane Almeter Jones has been the keeper of a small box of letters and postcards of her grandmother’s from World War II for a number of years. An assignment in an Introduction to Theater class at Buffalo State College some six years ago, forced her hand to find it and diligently read through them. Many script versions later, with many adjustments and complete rewrites, this freelance mom of three is proud to get Forget Me Not on the boards. Heartfelt thanks to her husband Tim, her children Jon, Anna, Harry, her honorary co-producers: Donna Bickell Almeter (mother) and Katie Bickell Blair (aunt), and all the supportive and life giving friends and teachers who have been great companions on this journey.

A special thanks to:


Tim Jones

Donna Bickell Almeter, Katie Bickell Blair

Shannon Schweitzer, Jonathan Jones, Anna Jones, Harry Jones,

Steven Saelzer, Kevin Stevens, Brittany Bassett, Zoe Friedlander 

Melissa Crowell, Shaun McLaughlin

Kyle LoConti, Jon Elston, Donna Hoke, Lisa Ludwig,

Steve Copps, Tracy Snyder, Mike Seitz, David Lundy

Aaron Moss, Ann Emo, Buffalo State Casting Hall, Kim Taylor, Maureen Porter

Zachary Bellus, Mary-Jenna Briest, Henry Farleo, Sandra Roberts

Zachary Bellus, Julieana Guash, Sean Edwards, Kaeli McGinnis, Karlyn Mizzoni

Loraine O'Donnell, Norman Sham, David Lamb, Geoff Tocin

Kyle LoConti, Sandra Roberts, Colin Taylor, Lucas Colon, Aria Bruce,

Ryan Mulvihill, Eliza Zanolli-Stiles, Zachary Boebel, Brianna Carmichael,

Nicholas Quinn, Ron Schwarts, Ann Emo, Adriano Gatto

Mary Poindexter McLaughlin

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