Forget Me Not

 Forget Me Not is a one act play that explores mental health and family history, all based in truth.

In 1983, Diane, a young wife living with precarious mental health, draws strength from the ghost of her recently departed grandmother, June. Diane returns with June, back to fateful mid-winter night in 1945 where June has locked herself in the homestead attic, conjuring a three-handed card game with her husband, Harry, and brother-in-law, Francis, both infantrymen fighting overseas in the waning days of World War Two. Based on truth, Forget Me Not weaves a vivid and somewhat surrealistic tale of living and dying, peppered with family stories, and excerpts from war letters, all from a small New York oil town. 


“Also vividly recall the day the telegram was delivered. Western Union came to deliver

the telegram; June wasn’t home (nor anyone else). Don’t recall if it was Flossie or other

neighbor who saw the person there. They, of course, didn’t know the reason. Anyway,

neighbor told June that someone had been there. June’s comment; (which was very out of

character for her) was: ‘Oh well, if it is anything important, they will be back.’ Little do

we know when words come out of our mouths, what will come to light. So that evening,

the telegram deliverer returned -- -- “ excerpted from a letter written June 4, 1994 from my

great Aunt Smiles.

It's also been recounted that June looked at the telegram, put it away in her apron pocket

and climbed the stairs where she locked herself in a back room.


Forget Me Not explores that time behind that closed door on that fateful winter night,

February 16, 1945.

~Diane Jones